Seamless communication at international events with specialised professional translators in music, sports, and corporate settings.

At Ground Control, we understand the critical role language plays in creating a meaningful connection between performers, speakers, and audiences. With expertise in translating for diverse events, we ensure seamless communication and an integrated experience for your attendees.

Our skilled team of translators is well-versed in multiple languages, enabling us to provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations that capture the essence of the original message. Whether it’s simultaneous translation for a K-Pop concert, multilingual presentations at corporate events, or on-site interpretation for international conferences, our translators bring a wealth of experience to every project.

We have a range of bilingual coordinators who act as on ground assistants travelling with artists and assisting with travel transfers and personal needs while on tour.

We can also provide production translation for each department of major events, including show calling, camera cues, lighting and audio.

With our translator services, you can rest assured that language barriers will not hinder the success of your event. We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the gap between languages and cultures, ensuring smooth communication and an inclusive experience.

Our bilingual coordinators are your personal on-ground assistants, ensuring smooth transfers & catering to your every need during the tour.

Looking for a translator for your event?

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