Ground Transport

An industry leader providing reliable and professional ground transport services with qualified production runners and drivers.

Ground Control is your premier choice for professional transport solutions in Australia. With our commitment to professionalism and extensive industry knowledge, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored for event professionals. Our team of highly skilled drivers, runners, and transport coordinators are well-versed in handling events of all sizes, ensuring that every aspect of your ground transport needs are executed flawlessly.

At Ground Control, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service that goes beyond expectations. That’s why we offer personal drivers and VIP airport pick-ups in luxury vehicles, prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. We can cater to any transportation requirement including 1-tonne vans, 12-seater buses, 3-tonne trucks, and 25-seater buses.

Our production runners are infamous for doing whatever is needed, such as hiring make-up artists to paint the band’s faces in KISS makeup.  (P.S. the artist was not Kiss!)

We meticulously plan and coordinate every aspect of your ground transport, ensuring that every vehicle, route, and timing is precisely managed. Our team takes pride in delivering a seamless and comfortable experience, allowing you to focus elsewhere while we take care of your transportation needs from artists to crew.  

We're an industry-leading ground transport service providing reliable production runners & drivers.

“Katy’s care and attention to detail have been instrumental in the successful delivery of many of the tours I’ve promoted. Having known and worked alongside Katy for over 25 years I can personally attest that her dedication to understanding and meeting the often unique needs, demands and objectives of complex touring logistics sets the benchmark in the industry. Katy goes above and beyond to ensure that the aspects of tours she and her elite team are engaged on will be meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. Her professionalism, expertise, extensive experience and genuine passion for what she does make her an invaluable asset to any endeavour.”

Sahara Herald – Tour Director Frontier Touring

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